Question of the day: how do you dry Hydrangeas?
We all love these gorgeous flowers.. we all have them in different colors…and they bloom at different times of the summer depending on your zone/weather/conditions. But after the flowers have peaked and are starting to show their “fall” colors, what to do next?
Here in’s page on Gardening are some very helpful hints and answers.
The “water dry method” seems to be the recommended way to best preserve the color of these flowers. And, it’s best to cut them August-October; I may have been a week or two early, but they are doing just fine. It’s a gradual process, so don’t rush it!

Here are MY hydrangeas, but about three weeks ago and put into a pitcher, with water. I’ve been letting the water evaporate (there is about 1″ left in the bottom). The leaves, which you see here, have been turning brown one by one and falling off the stem. 
Would you believe, these were the same flowers two months ago?

As I was writing this post this afternoon I saw that my friend Pam over at 
DIY Design Fanatic had just posted about “Dried Hydrangeas”! 
Great minds think alike…
Pam’s blog is one you will want to go back to often (and subscribe to). 
She has a very interesting hint on how to turn some of the petals a soft golden color. 
So go out to your garden, cut some hydrangeas, and let us know how you are drying them!