This week I want to introduce you (IF you don’t already know her) to Margaret Roach and her delightful, informative, amusing blog:
Warning: there is A LOT of information and goodies to look through here, so
 sit back and start clicking.
This week she tells us (among many other things…) how to “speed” ripen tomatoes
Are you about to start freezing all those beans? Take a look here for helpful hints:
love those Weck jars!!

Margaret is a guest, once a week, on Robin Hood Radio. You can listen to, or download, podcasts here on iTunes and discover many, many new ideas for gardening..
Or, take a look at her Slideshows, over there on the right: wonderful seasonal images!
She has a Facebook page too… “Like” it here and stay updated.
And here at home:
The heat has taken its toll on everything, but somehow these pretties have survived (regular watering helps a lot!).  I’m looking forward to October when I can plant new perennials and some shrubs . “Encore” Azaleas anyone? 
Wishing everyone a good holiday weekend!