This is where I will be staying…….. some day!

Who wouldn’t want to stay here?
In what had been a silk factory with adjoining chapel and other buildings, the owner, Sophie, has created a truly lovely inn while earning the “Green Key Label” for ecology and bio-green sustainability. She also offers spa treatments as in massage as well as classes in the arts such as Origami

And this is how you get there:
It is in the village of Taulignan and the best part, for me, is that this “Drome Provencal” is my favorite part of Provence! Dieulefit  (Dieu-le-fit) is the production center of beautiful, artisanal ceramics.
We were there a few years ago (actually, too many years ago: I need to go back!) and took these shots: 
Random images from the factories. You can see the dust on everything. It was a high point of my trip that summer!

The window of a shop in town where I DID buy some of this green and yellow. The one HUGE problem is that none of these shops will ship. You need to pack and send yourself (which I did with one box), or take bubble wrap in your suitcase and then pack some dishes to carry home. It works. Believe me, I’ve carried many a dish in my checked suitcase and they have all been just fine!
Alright, time to come back from my dreamy vacation and get back to work here!
P.S. You can follow Sophie’s blog here