Take a look at the basic bench I bought. Pretty basic, believe me. It cost me a little more than  $100.00 from Target. Awful, awful fabric! But that was ok: I knew I would be reupholstering it. The legs…well, I wanted something simple and dark. Not too turned, not too thin, and of course, just the right height.
 I also knew I wanted nailhead trim all around: nice and chunky!

Here are images from my Pinterest board (where you can find the original links and credits) that I had collected: 
None of them was right: no, I didn’t want leather; no, two small ones was not right either.

Here is some of my “research” over the last few months
Evernote is the BEST system I know of for collecting and filing images (Pinterest can be too public at times)
top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right

The best part was that I had the fabric all lined up. My friend, Robin, had been a designer and stylist at Schumacher and would, from time to time, send me GORGEOUS fabric samples of discontinued items. Robin and I go way back… we sat across from each other, at our respective art tables, when we were both colorists at Greeff Fabrics. Yes, all you young ones, there was a time when colors were hand mixed, in small tubs and color ways were painted (yes…can you imagine, no computer??) onto paper. So, anyway, we mixed and we painted and, of course, we talked a lot! And that is how we became good friends!
So here were my fabric choices:
Mind you, these had been folded up and in a chest for several years just waiting for the right project and occasion. Their day had come!

this was the reject, so now I need another project. Ideas?
I went with the moire, the lighter and I think more interesting fabric.
The image above is the TRUE color. I took the photos below at night: yes, I forgot to follow through on this all day today and neglected to take “after” pictures! So, now it’s dark and the lights in the room give a very definite yellow glow. So be it. 
You can see the wonderful trim!

Finally, we have a nice bench at the foot of our bed. We never had room for this in our old house; this one works perfectly. Happiness is……!