Seriously, these are some of the CUTEST SHOES I’ve seen in a long…time!
Oh the colors, the “charms” on the toes, the details, the massage beads inside: they all make for a mighty cute shoe.

The arch support is:
a gentle massaging arch …. finally a ballet flat suitable for every foot.” 

The company is OKA b. Brands.

They are also (as if the colors weren’t enough..) 100% recyclable meaning that you send back your old, worn shoes and they will be recycled into new products. Read about the program HERE.

They are MADE IN THE U.S.A. and they are priced under $45.00.
More details here.

So, go and buy some. Then take a picture of your feet in them, send it to me, and I’ll do a post on everyone’s purchase! I can’t decide: I love that orange one below. But then again, the solids would be so versatile. Oh, and they’re waterproof! 

Or, how about a slide? Just a hint of a heel.
Or a bit more heel:
Have fun shopping!