My Fabulous Find for this Wednedsay is a book.
Rosecrans Baldwin is the author of a brand new book: 
Now, here is a book I read in almost one sitting. The next day I went to our local fabulous bookstore, McIntyre’s Books, to hear, and meet, Rosecrans. Wherever did he get that name? I didn’t have time to ask…

Rosecrans and his wife lived in Paris for 18 months in 2007-’08 where he worked for an advertising agency.This was not his chosen profession: he sort of fell into this job, they flew him over for an interview (very amusing anecdote in the book), and hired him.

I loved the chapter on “les bises” the air kiss for which the French are known. But how to know whom to kiss? With whom to shake hands?  When to do one or the other? “Les bises” can seem totally random at times.. so how does all this fit into office protocol? It was confusing to Rosencrans and he tells it to us in a way that will have you laughing out loud.

after he signed my book…. has published several articles by Rosecrans, including an amusing one in which he describes how he and his wife moved back to the U.S. and lived briefly with her parents.
 Read more here.

Why did he and his wife leave Paris? They wanted to leave city life. Having lived in New York, and then Paris, they gradually longed for the country life. And so, they have come to live very near me, down in North Carolina! Lucky us.

You can buy the book either in paper or on Kindle. Trust me, you will NOT regret it and will learn some amazing things about the ex-pat life in Paris!