So there you have it:
my new series, here on the blog, is of my latest Pinterest favorites.

Since this IS “An Eye for Detail” I thought I would use that “eye” to focus on Pinterest!

I sort of go hot and cold with Pinterest. I’ve gone weeks (yes folks, weeks) without touching
the silly program Pinterest.
And then, well, as some of you know, there are days when hours go by and I am STILL looking around the seemingly ever growing choice of boards to look at, “like”, “repin”, research sources, “comment” and so on and so on.
When I first dreamt up this new project I knew  e x a c t l y the “pinner” I follow who was going to be my #1 choice to share with you. No competition here.


and his blog: 

This man has superb taste. I really really really look forward to visiting his store in Bethesda, MD next time I am up in D.C. What a treat that will be!

Here is just one of his great boards : “Decorating with Antiques”

If you go to his board, you will see these images and lots more. These have, of course, been repinned from other sources: all the better to show you Loi’s taste and style. 

Another favorite, sort of a “niche”, board: 
Next up is Design Seeds
the fabulous Pinterest site from Jessica Colaluca.
When Design Seeds first came on the scene, we were all blown away… the blog, on Twitter, Instagram, and now Pinterest. Jessica is amazing! Not only are her colors fantastic, but her presentation is unparalleled.
She presents a theme, here it’s “minted tones”, then develops a color palette, then, for Pinterest boards, she shows her inspiration

How about “Popsicle Tones”?
and from Design Seeds blog:
Tell me what you think? Do you like the new “column”? Is it helpful, fun, addictive….?
I may not always present boards from Pinners, but might just pick individual pins that I’ve liked.
And, just in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve installed a Pin It bookmarklet over there on the right! Click the little (can’t figure out how to enlarge it…yet!)