Finally! I have a brand new bike. A nice bright, shiny RED one. 
It has 21 gears. Hmmm: how DO you work those things?
I took it for a first drive today. We went over to my friend Kate’s house, as she too is about to get a bike and then we will ride together. This one fit her pretty well. 
We have both decided : NO SPANDEX!  Not quite our style….
So now I need a mirror;  another friend, an avid cyclist, advised me to get one ASAP. Defensive driving and all that. Mind you, I have no intention of going out on busy roads, or doing long hauls but rather to discover new roads and pathways in our very spead out village (it’s huge… it will take me years to discover all of it). 
And then a series of shots taken with my iPhone and “filtered” in PicMonkey and Instagram.
as seen on my ride
the Belties: see how clean-shaven they are? Summer wardrobe…

in the green slime pond (they love it!)

time to head home…
The one accessory I R E A L L Y need is a basket. 
If I had a pet, how cute would this be? 
A new twist on an old classic:
Very French looking, non?

This is very neat!  I just wonder how much it would hold. I need to take my gear to the pool: towel, goggles, iPad, phone etc.
Very clever, the way the loops go around the handle bars!


And…. my # favorite (of course, the most expensive. isn’t that always the way?)

From Decorative Things
It’s Swedish. Made of heavy plastic. Can also be used as a tote.
Now, isn’t this adorable? A real conversation stopper alright. It would hold everything I need.
I’ll let you know if I decide to splurge!