What a FABULOUS day it was!
We headed  off to Bennett, North Carolina which is just about in the middle of the state, which is also about an hour southwest of where I live.
The weather was perfect: low humidity, sunny with high, wispy clouds, very comfortable temperature… all the ingredients for a perfect day in the lavender fields!
The story that attracted us was from Our State magazine.
“The Lavender Plan:  “On a back-road farm in Bennett, Norma Burns finds strength in a field of purple plants”. 

I urge you to read the story and to read about this amazingly strong woman (who is, I might add, smart, energetic, attractive, knowledgeable.. and the list goes on!).

You can find Norma at: Bluebird Hill Farm

So off we went to the lavender harvest here in North Carolina.
I was curious as to why it is so early when in Provence it takes place the end
of July. Norma enlightened me. She grows only “Grosso” lavender as it can
take the humidity of the South, and it is always harvested in June.
Norma’s house (she was an architect in her previous life) as seen from the fields
This pond is NOT for swimming..but great to photograph
Pond as seen through Queen Anne’s Lace

sorry about the formatting here… aarghh…I’ve spent hours now trying to fix
whatever is wrong!

Anyway, last but not least, is the video I put together: