The latest from out and around the garden… and playing with some filters!
Some of the gardens around here had the most beautiful “fields” of larkspur. At first I wasn’t sure what it was: looks like stock or delphinium, but the leaves are totally different. Then I realized what it was. Larkspur is grown from seed. The nursery said to spread the seed next October and I will have lots of plants in the spring! 
Will do.
I used filters here from Photoshop… actually I played with “Curves”. 
Here is the original:
and the original: 

My dahlias:
You will be seeing more (a lot more) of these and I’ll tell you their “story” eventually… but here they are in all their blazing red glory.

Evening Primrose
These were carried down here from our house up north, and survived very well!
 I used a frame from PicMonkey after playing with Curves in Photoshop. 
and here is the original:

Passion Flower! 
Love this wonderful vine.

Guess where I’ll be this weekend? In the garden! Or at the Farmers’ Market. Or in the pool. Or, of course, at the computer working!
Hope you have a good one…