For the birds, that is.
We offered this very cute house, unfurnished, at 8 1/2 McDowell Square (we are at #8). It was vacant for about a week. We had lookers… some seemed “the right sort” and some seemed all wrong. By saying “wrong” we mean that they were too large to fit through this teeny tiny hole/door. One needs to be a slim creature to feel comfortable here! We were watching very carefully.

Here you can even see a small back window. Ah yes, a studio apartment with a view!

This is who we wanted to attract and this is exactly who has made a home here! 
Aren’t they adorable? Oh the song. The male puffs out his breast, he quivers all over, and emits a loud (for his size body) wonderful sort of teakettle-teakettle-teakettle song.
But it’s the female who has been furnishing this abode. Oh she is busy: scurrying back and forth, up and down, fetching home furnishing materials from my garden. Those little twigs sticking out of the “floor” of the house: those are new today! A home for these birds should be, ideally, about 8 feet off the ground and facing Southeast. Yes! Our house meets those criteria, so was snatched up quickly…
I will let you know the goings-on from time to time!!
And now, final preparations for the drive up to New York and a brief appearance at Surtex!
See you all next week.