Off we went in search of stones to line the garden area and roadway.
This is THE place to find any kind of stone.
Piles and piles and flats and pallets of rocks….

And here’s the pallet that arrived, with our carefully chosen stones.  Just the right size!

A wheelbarrow just was not working; I mean, we had to maneover the heavy rocks out of the wire bin. This great dolly, borrowed from a neighbor, did the trick very nicely…

It’s a start……

And then, of course, we went to town on planting the area. Remember, this is a 
slope. So I chose very carefully.

Pink Guara, Butterfly Bush, Caryopteris, Lavender, and Rosemary to name a few.
 This was what it looked like last fall. The plants were all there…but needed filling in very badly!

And here we are this spring!
Yes, it’s beginning to fill in.

The lavender, down at right, is very very happy here…
 See the green trellis I just painted?

And last but not least, here is the gate, freshly painted with the clump of Shasta Daisies by its side.
I want to replace that wooden step with some huge stone step. Next year maybe?

I’ll update with pictures throughout the summer: stay tuned to follow the garden’s progress!