Our weekend in New York. 
I had just a few hours on Saturday before I had to be at the Javits Center to set up our booth for Surtex. So where did I head? What was first on my list?
Paper Presentation! (of course…)
Go to their site and look around; better yet, go there next time you are in New York.
This is one fabulous store. I’ve been coming here for years to browse, to buy, to see what’s new, to refill whatever I have that needs refilling in paper, cards, labels, boxes, crafts etc. etc. The list of what they carry is l….ong. 
Note the collage? Yes, finally all you bloggers out there… there is a program, and an oh so easy one, to make great collages! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.
Back to New York.
Next stop, also on 18th Street, was City Bakery. 
City Bakery is one of the most popular food destinations in New York City. Part bakery, part cafe, coffee bar and cafeteria, in a two-level space at Union Square, one of the great neighborhoods of the city. The bakery creates seasonal menus from locally-grown and organic raw materials from the Union Square farmer’s market two blocks away
Well worth a visit, I guarantee..
This is where I was ultimately headed that day:
This was our booth, filled with lots (and lots!) of wonderful artwork to show customers. Busy day…
And now, back to reality, with all the follow-up. This nice long weekend has been wonderful to simply be at home, go to the mall, garden, cook and relax.
See you tomorrow!