Actually, this is NOT just for blogs; anyone can make a collage of pictures and images.
 Since the demise of Picnik, many bloggers, in particular, have been searching for a good substitute program.
“Image Formatting” programs are out there:

and the best for last: 

I know, I know…. WHERE do they get the names for these programs?Yesterday I showed you the collage I made in PicMonkey. This is my #1 choice of all the programs, so let’s go through it.

Here is the home page for the program:

For the last month or two they had promised to add “collage”… and now it’s here.

Mouse over the collage at the top of the page and a small box will appear saying,  “Make a Collage”.
This is the screen that will appear:


Click that box to the left and you will see this:
Lots and lots of different ways to make a collage!
Click “Upload” up at the top, your image will appear on the left margin, and you can then drag it to the spot on the collage. You can rearrange items all you want.
The nice thing about PicMonkey is not having to register.. at all. It’s easy to get started whether for collage, or frames, or adding text, or effects.
Here is the basic “Editor” page with one of my images. Many choices over there on the left. When you’re finished, simply click “Save” down there at the bottom.
Couldn’t be easier, right? Have questions? Feel free to ask me… and I’ll try to answer!