Take a look on my sidebar and you will see I follow Deborah Lawrenson’s blog
Deborah is a British novelist and journalist living in the Luberon. And finally, finally I have read her novel: The Lantern!
Whether you read it in paperback (above) or
hardcover (below)
or on Kindle (as I did),
Buy it and read it here
It is superb, gripping, evocative, engrossing: all the things a novel should be!
Thank you Deborah.
and I look forward to the next one!!!

This from one of Deborah’s posts earlier this year: 

If you need further persuading, here’s an excerpt from Kathy Blumenstock’s review in the Washington Post:

“The Lantern…offers a vivid escape to an intriguing place… The split-screen tales unfolding in alternating voices than span half a century eventually converge, with disturbing and surprising answers to questions that haunt both narrators… Lawrenson embellishes her merging stories with description of the rich scents surrounding the hamlet: rosemary, ripe figs, and a breath of lavender so fresh that readers might close their eyes and inhale, expecting a faint whiff of the purple-flowering plant.”

And here is Deborah reading a short excerpt:

So… now I’m looking for something new to read. Any suggestions??