Project #1:
I had a VERY ordinary white trellis that had been sitting (very patiently!) against the house, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Add some fun color, right?
I tested a coral/rose… no, not right.
Then, at Home Depot, I found this RustOleum “Eden” color.
perfect perfect perfect
The vine is a Honeysuckle: “Lonicera Scarlet“. I had planted it late in the fall, it wintered over nicely, and is on it’s way up the trellis even as I write this….
Project #2:
I bought this antique planter several years ago at the Rhinebeck Antique Show. It’s a wonderful size and I liked the half rusted quality… the insert, below, is galvanized metal.
But over the years the rust has become too much.. so once again, spray paint to the rescue!
I knew I wanted the frame a dark, dark green. But I wasn’t sure about the insert.
Here I tried the same dark green:
No, it just wasn’t working. You can’t really differentiate the scrollwork from the insert behind it. Here, in this light, it looks ok… but on a sunny day it’s hard to see any texture or depth.
Then I tried the “Eden” I used on the trellis….
I love it.
Sort of a retro feel, no? And the pink geraniums make it even better.
Busy busy weekend.
I will be gone the rest of the week but hope to post if I have a chance.
Have a good week everyone!