Let’s try this again.
My original post, with the link to the story in Chapel Hill Magazine, was lost. It was lost as I was trying to revise the link to the story…but because I was away all last week I had to do the revision on my iPad where the Blogger app is notorious for its “instability” (to put it nicely!). So, while editing the link, the entire post was lost.
Moving on..
You can read the original story in Chapel Hill Magazine.
However, if you go to the magazine itself, there is no trace of the story, as the entry was “corrupted” on their end. I’m not a techie, but I know that isn’t a good thing. They are working on it. Maybe it will appear again, but in the meantime, you now have the link to the original story!

And now, you have another chance to W-I-N one of our rugs, or a fabric laminated accessory!
Come on over to Nicole’s blog: The Pixel Boutique and see the story she did on us, and enter the Giveaway.
Nicole is one in a million: I’ve worked with her for several years now, designing and redesigning my various blogs and business cards. She is totally fabulous! Aside from being a really nice person, she is talented, patient, creative and energetic; a total pleasure to work with. Go Nicole!
So there you have it.
This is where I am today. Doesn’t look exactly scenic does it? Well, it is heaven to me. I am back in my house, in my office, listening to the birds outside and enjoying being home. A friend called my travels and times this spring, “an odyssey”. But now it is winding down and I am free to think about and concentrate on the more joyous parts of my life. We all have these times and I do believe it’s how we navigate them, not the issues, that matters and can make a huge difference in our lives. 
Thanks to all my loyal followers!