Kitchen faucets can be very tricky. We all have preferences, just as we all become accustomed to certain features. Some people like hot and cold water separate handles. Some like spray/aerators separate from the main faucet, while others must have the spray function part of the main faucet.
And, in a way, all this is determined by how many holes you have in your sink/counter top. If you’re installing a new counter top then, of course, you can determine the number of holes and thus the single vs. two or three hole faucet apparatus.
Sounds a bit complicated, no?
I had never come across this! We had lived in an old house where the counter top and sink had just been redone when we moved in, so we lived with what we inherited. Which was fine.
Then, in our present house, we HAD to replace the faucet in the kitchen. It just did not work.
I went with a Delta, very simple, chrome, single handle with spray function, variety.
We have had it for a year and I became increasingly frustrated with it. To pull out the handle/head/spray section was not easy, and fitting it back in was even trickier. And, our sink isn’t very wide and the water didn’t come out into the sink far enough to wash a pot!
Here you see it. Looks fine, I know, but believe me, my frustration was growing day by day!
A solution was at hand!
We were redoing our laundry room where there had been one big ugly plastic washing “tub”. We were installing all new cabinets (yes, I will show you all this in a future post!), new sink, rearranging the washing machine, getting rid of the dryer (remember, I don’t use one….), installing new drying racks and broom closet etc. etc.
Enter the new BLACK sink!
And yes, the perfect place to move that kitchen faucet:
This sink came with three holes, so I spray painted two metal “buttons” and dropped them in:
It’s a really cool laundry sink: can you see the “washboard” ribs down the front side? Kinda neat, no?
About a year ago I had read all about how to fit the correct size and kind of faucet to the right sink over at Attic Mag blog. In her “Making Sense of Kitchen Faucets”, Jane did a very nice job in educating me and making sure I came back to her post for more information!  If you’re contemplating a new sink and/or faucet, do take a look.
And now, the new kitchen faucet!
I love it: the spray attachment has a magnet so is easy and lightweight to pull down. The single side lever is easy to use. The new height makes all the difference in reaching all around the sink.
It’s the Delta Trinsic Collection in chrome.
I’ll show you before and afters of the laundry room/pantry….eventually!