Do you know blood oranges? Do you eat them regularly? 
I vaguely remember having had them, then just last week I bought six of these gorgeous creatures at Whole Foods.
What a treat! 
Not only are they delicious, but it’s the visuals that really got me! Great photo op indeed.

The next morning I realized I didn’t have very much orange juice, so I squeezed a blood orange:

I used BeFunky for these two images with filters and frames!
One very nice thing about the program is not having to sign up, or in. Just click the link, start your upload and choose your filters, or frames or whatever. Couldn’t be easier.
Very good juice!
My computer is back and running. It was the “power supply” and not the logic board! Yay. So, for about $100.00 it was fixed: nothing was lost or changed and it seems to be running beautifully.
But I would advise each and every one of you TO BACK UP! You just never know when your computer may die…