This is what I will be doing this weekend:
Helping many others to celebrate a 100th Birthday! It’s going to be a big P A R T Y
with lots of good people, the guest of honor, delicious food and fine wine.
Maybe we’ll be treated to a cake like this one!

And this is where I will be doing it:
And I will be stopping here:
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Of course, a trip to my old stomping grounds just would not be complete with a whirl through Bloomies. Hmmm: daughter will be with me. I see the $$$ adding up already!
On Sunday it’s off to points further north to help in a big M O V E
You can bet this will NOT be me! Think I’ll stay inside and do the organizing!
I will be gone for a week. You just may see me here…. but then again, you may not.