On with THE CLOSET reno….
You can see the first part here and some of the pictures of the interior of the master bedroom closet. We tore out all the shelves and rods from one entire side. Patched and tested different paint colors. I tried Ben Moore “Pale Oak”, then “Soft Chamois”, then “Butte Rock”, all of which we had used in other parts of the house. No, none was right.
Finally, with time growing short, I went ahead and bought a gallon of “Elephant Tusk”.
Do or die, I said!
BM OC-8 “Elephant Tusk”
Guess what? It is perfect!!
Way to go, Libby!
Here’s a shot of the “old” interior:
And so, they started work:
Lots to assemble
and lots of trash
Our installer, Kathy, cutting the metal rods outside
The installers from the Container Store were wonderful: arrived right on time, worked quickly and efficiently, cleaned up every last scrap, and explained to us how to rearrange the shelves and drawers for future reference.
from old:
to new:
oh the drawers! So easy to use…
My pashminas and scarves are very happy!


I’ve always put my lightweight scarves in a drawer, like this.
Wrinkles don’t matter in these light materials, and it’s SO easy to rummage around and choose one. I can’t possibly be bothered hanging them, or folding. Not worth the time!


My belts have a nice home
Jewelry storage is for another post (!), but these boxes
are so easy to see on the light wood shelf…
and, slide out shoe racks!
If you’re thinking of closet renovation, or just want some ideas, I highly recommend the Container Store. Our designer (we went to the store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh), Dina, was wonderful. She really knew her stuff, gave us suggestions but didn’t interfere when we needed to talk things over, did a CAD graph drawing and was just very efficient. We had used California Closets in our old house and it was excellent also. But they are more of a permanent installation; with Elfa you have the option of moving the drawers and shelves and/or adding more in the future.