I do product research for Houzz every month and it’s a project I am really enjoying.
I get to choose the category of products which I then research, dig around the internet, write the accompanying blurb and “go public” with my Ideabook.
Here’s the latest one which seems to be quite popular!

“Tea and Coffee Accessories”

One of the questions I received on Houzz was asking for my favorite tea. I can say, without hesitation, it is Assam. I like it very strong… I let it steep for about three minutes, then add sugar and cream.

 I mail order my tea, by the pound, from Simpson & Vail in Brookfield, Connecticut. Now in it’s second generation of the Harron family, it’s a small, well managed, very user friendly importer and retailer.
They were featured here in the December issue of Brookfield Magazine.

Are you a coffee or tea person? Or perhaps both? Where do you get bulk coffee and/or tea?