With the imminent demise of Picnik, we’re all scrambling to find g o o d substitutes.
On Friday I mentioned Google+.
Today I’ll show you BeFunky. The first few times I tried it, my computer froze and I had to restart several times. Then yesterday I played with it on my iPad where it works beautifully…but I have to transfer the photos to my main computer for the blog.
So.. to make a long story even longer..I tried BeFunky again on my main iMac computer and it worked!
It worked beautifully.
Here are some images from my weekend. Let’s start with the cherry tree.

Then I used the “Rounded” Frame and “Cross Process” effect:
A panorama of one of the ponds in the village. Love the reflection.
Here I used the “Vignette” frame and “Warming” effect for an almost sepia, vintage look:
The Belties!!
This is the “Grunge 2” frame:
My front garden with pansies:
And here I used the “Instant” frame and “Grunge 1” effect.
This is what you see when using the “Instant” frame choices:
look over there on the left and you can see many different frames
And here is the screenshot for the coloring I used. See the slider there which is great: you can really adjust your levels of color or effect.
Try BeFunky and let me know what you think!