Calling all bloggers out there who use Picnik!!!!

You DO know, DON’T YOU, that Picnik, that wonderful image editing program, is ENDING on March 15th? There has been a lot of noise and traffic in blogland, Twitter-land, and Facebook-land about the demise of this great program. I actually use Photoshop for a lot/most of my photo editing work, but there are times when Picnik has been invaluable. And, for those of you who don’t use or own Photoshop, I certainly understand your pain.

The one thing I always used in Picnik is the “Polaroid” frame. When I discovered it a year ago, after taking the BYW course, I had so much fun with it for so many posts.

Here’s a screenshot of my image in Picnik. I’m about to choose the “Polaroid” frame, which is actually down below that bottom “Mirrored” frame.

After adding my text you see the result. I love how you can choose the angle for the image within the Polaroid frame.

And here is a screenshot of the image in Google+:
screens look very similar, no?

And the final result using the Polaroid Plus choice:

I like the drop shadow effect here… but there is no choice as to an angle for the image. Straight up is all you get… Google+: please add this choice? maybe? 
There are NO frame options in Google+: no rounded corners etc. Let’s hope the program evolves and adds some of the effects we all want.
So… the programs are similar,  and certainly we will all be able to work in Google+, but yes, I will always miss Picnik. 
Oh, and I also tried BeFunky. Hmmm: it has crashed/frozen my computer many times today whenever I start working in the program. So I have given up. Now, on my iPad it works just fine but that’s not where I work on blog posts. But, do take a look at ALL their great filters: they outdo Instagram by a long shot! So, you can always use the filters in the App form on your phone or iPad and then transfer to the computer for further editing… wow, this is getting complicated no? 
Comments? Thoughts?
My apologies to all non-blogger followers and readers out there for this techie talk. Well, you can at least enjoy my camellias…