I happened to see a sample of President Obama’s thank you note “etiquette” on a Twitter post today, and began thinking about this almost obsolete nicety.

Do you write thank you notes? I mean, do you actually take out pen and paper and write a real note? When? After you have received a gift? What about after a dinner party? Or an interview? 

Or…. gasp…. to say hello and thank someone for a small gesture?

Here’s something to think about:

From JobSearch site: “Account Temps Survey reported that 88% of executives said they consider a thank you note influential when evaluating candidates.” More prefer hand written to email and many recommended doing both.

I was brought up in the age of pen and paper and thank you notes were ‘de rigeur’. Always. No exceptions. 

It doesn’t matter what your handwriting is like; no, it’s the act of writing… of taking the time to
  t h i n k … that is important here.
And there are SO MANY great designs in cards to choose from.

Some on-line stores that I like:

These are some of my personal favorites from PaperSource

To get you started (!!!) here is a great site with actual samples of all kinds of thank yous.

I finished up my Christmas thank you notes using these cards

There is something so satisfying about writing… and receiving… a hand written note.