I need one…. or rather,  I needed one. Last summer I had written this:

I want a bread box. I am tired of storing…if you can call hanging out on the counter “storing”, my bits of bread in plastic bags, a muffin in another bag, assorted crackers, maybe a small box of cookies etc. etc. I don’t like to put the bread in the fridge: it gets so dry and hard after a few days. But out on the counter, in this heat, it gets moldy… or worse… attracts those fruit flies in a matter of minutes.

So let’s see what I found by going on line:

The classic: from BedBath&Beyond


From LabourandWait


This one is actually vacuum sealed for freshness..


An insert, for a drawer.


Looking for red?
Love this look: sophisticated in any space!
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.04.12 PM
Sleek, Italian and large enough for two loaves of bread


At 19″ across this is one of the largest stainless steel
From The Vermont Country Store: simple enamel bread box….
From the U.K., I love this red one!
From Neiman Marcus, this is by far the most expensive at $230. What do you think: is it worth it?
Now, in January, I will show you what I bought. I love it.
From CrateandBarrel at just $39.95. I’ve had it now for several months and couldn’t be happier. The best part, for me, is its size. At just 12.5″ wide, it fits nicely on the counter; holds a loaf of bread from Whole Foods, several croissants, maybe half a baguette, and some brownies. Do I like carbs???? yes….!
How do YOU store bread?