We have some major closet issues!

We’ve lived here now for over a year and have done a lot of work on the house… as you have all seen.
But now it’s down to “the details”: those not-so-very-minor and very annoying problems that remain. First up: the master bedroom closet. Second:  the big storage/guest room closet upstairs. And then, last but really most important, there is THE LAUNDRY ROOM. 
So, we have our work cut out for us. Decisions, decisions. 
The Container Store is having its annual 30% all Elfa storage items, and free closet design, sale. Some friends of ours had done this just a few weeks ago, and then after reading SO many blogs about closet organization and re-organization, and purging, we decided to tackle our closet.
Don’t get me wrong: this is a really nice size space! Compared to what we lived with for twenty-five years, this is complete and utter luxury. BUT.  It was installed almost twenty years ago and used by one elderly woman. It didn’t get quite the same kind of use, or have the same needs, as it does now.

Here is the one long side we have decided to remodel. I had started to clear it out here, in anticipation. That white drawer unit you see had been in my office for many years and has been doubling as linen closet, scarf repository and gym clothes hamper. …..

Same side of closet, on my husband’s end. Not a great use of space!
Almost empty:

Here’s the remaining side of the closet, chock full now with a bit of everything!

oh yes indeed: it is FULL
The shelves drive me c r a z y. Nothing stays stacked neatly. They don’t hold very much. Invariably there is something that falls out each day. We thought about having drawers made to fit inside each “cubby” but they aren’t big enough. Give me some drawers, please! 
After demo today, holes all filled and spackled. I’ll be painting the closet later this week, so more pics to come.
Now, for the closet upstairs. It’s a good size: 8’x10′ with a bar and shelf on either side. Not bad. But consider this: most of what I had in a full size attic, and some from basement storage, had to fit in here! Talk about purging. Yes, we threw out and gave away SO MUCH STUFF before moving last year. After arriving here, we did it all once again. So we’re down to pretty much bare minimum. I mean, you just CANNOT get rid of your daughter’s barnyard and little animals, and Playground Kids, and favorite stuffed animals, now, can you? And my wedding dress… let’s not forget that, all neatly tucked away in a box! 
So, anyway, here is what we had: 

Here come the new shelves: we decided to go for simple wire coated shelves. After all, these are ONLY for storage, and, see below, they will eventually be hidden…

getting better:

Yes! The Provence Rugs inventory, neatly rolled and ready for shipments!

My plan is to hang a curtain rod from the ceiling and close off this entire side with a simple, lightweight curtain. Maybe two fabric shower curtains: that might work well!
As for the LAUNDRY ROOM… that is a long story with lots to see and do. I’m working on ideas, we’re waiting for final estimates, and every few days I realize I want/need something different than the day before. On it goes. You can see some of my ideas over on Pinterest on my “Laundry Room Remodel” pin board!
I’ll be doing a complete post (or two or three) on this in a few days so hope you’ll check back.

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