Long ago and far away… well, that’s how it seems right now!
I was in Provence. Last October. 
And we went to several ‘marches’ or outdoor markets.
Among many other purchases (!) I bought some Herbes de Provence.
Even the label and ribbon make this an easy sell, no? 
Herbes de Provence contain dried thyme, basil, lavender, fennel and savory. These can vary and others can be added. But it’s a wonderful combination for so many different dishes. This one bag is MUCH too much for me: it would probably lose all taste by the time I finish it. So why not give some away?
But of course, packaging is all…. so off I went to find some jars.
And then to make some labels.
First, I designed the labels in Photoshop. Made an oval, then dropped in the two color border, selected the font, and saved.
Next I printed the ovals on sticky labels: 
Then I hand cut each oval:
And put them on the front of each jar:

Love them all lined up with their colorful caps!

Next up was adding my name/label to the back:

I tried some in a slightly larger, but not quite so eye-catching, jar. 

Success! Hope all the recipients out there are enjoying your “Herbes de Provence”!