Here’s to a new and colorful year in 2012!
I can write my thank you notes on these very colorful cards from Pantone:
I can put my hot pots down on this gorgeous silicone trivet:
Now I have the water kettle to add to my colorful Bodum collection!
And here is something really really neat: an “old fashioned” handset ready to attach to your iPhone! It’s called the POP Phone. It’s lightweight, sound comes through loud and clear, and now we won’t worry about long conversations with a cell phone pressing against our heads!
Go to Native Union to see the full line of this handset, as well as some other great new ideas.
And, of course, what would the year be without flowers? My pansies are flourishing in this warm weather we’re having.
Happy New Year to ALL of my friends out there. Thank you… each and every one of you.. for following here, for reading, for commenting and just for connecting. It means the world to me and is really what keeps me going with the blog!