One last post before the Christmas weekend..
Here is the mantel in the living room: remember the “Iron Mountain” story of a year ago? It was most definitely the right choice for this mantel.. and looks great with bright Christmas colors.

 These green “ornaments” have tiny sort-of-styrofoam feeling-balls all over. I found them on sale at a gift store here and thought they would make versatile and any season decor (not to mention props in so many photos). The twig balls come from the same source and serve just the same purpose. 
 I am loving the pink here! 

My favorite snowmen. Now, aren’t they the most cheerful guys you’ve seen in long time?

These concrete sheep live in the park in our village! I just had time to photograph them with the frost still covering part of their bodies, and with the holiday greenery around their necks.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!