Here’s a post I wrote last winter with an update at the bottom. So read on and scroll all the way down…

Back in September I told you about this stunning, just plain neat, knife block from Bodum:


This was in my post on the BHV in Paris:  yes, I was green with envy and wanted one of these for my new kitchen! 

Ok, so, I forgot about it for a few months…until last week when I saw this:


Oh no…. ! I have to have it. I use a cordless electric tea kettle maybe…um…six times a day.  We have a white one: great quality, has lasted for at least five years with no problems yadayadayada. But I want this one!

So then, I went on line to see just what else Bodum has. 

Big mistake.





So, tell me you don’t want some of these too?

Am I right? 


Guess what a certain lucky lady got for her birthday? Yep. My new knife block is sitting very happily on my counter.

The knives slide right in, smooth as anything. No holes to aim for, no magnets that don’t work. I’m not sure just what the black “threads” are …some kind of silicone coated plastic? In any case, I’m happy with it !

So now I’m thinking I want need the electric kettle..Don’t you agree?