This WAS to be the second part of yesterday’s post.
Thank you, Blogger! I have been having terrible problems loading any pictures into a post: for some reason it totally freezes up my big computer… have to shut down, restart and have it freeze once again. So today, from my laptop, I’ll try to finish this up! Computer guy is coming tomorrow morning…

Following on yesterday’s slide shows from the Houzz site, I thought you might like to take a peek at my business, LW Associates.  You can also click over there on the sidebar.
I was in New York last week for the Tabletop Show where we previewed two dinnerware collections of one of the artists I represent, Shaari Horowitz. This took place in the Pfaltzgraff/Lifetime Showroom at 45 Madison Avenue.

This, below, is the original sell sheet presented to the company:
And here is the artwork sent to the factory:

The second collection, Secret Garden, in its original form:
And here, ready for the factory: 
Quite a change! And it looks great!

all artwork © Shaari Horowitz
I’ll let you know when it hits the shelves at a retailer and I know you will go out and BUY some!