Yes indeed…. we needed some help here!
These knobs came with the house and yes, it’s been almost a year that we have lived with them. I had filed so many links and pictures in Evernote and every so often would look them over. And, of course, as soon as you click on one of the companies, or the website, that site pops up ALL OVER the place on all sorts of pages you subsequently open. Very annoying.
Anyway… here is what we had:

seems a new one snuck in here, on the right there….

Newly installed knobs:

They’re fun! Not too serious! Colorful!
Yes, they are just what I was looking for.

I wanted to take more pictures for you but, well, it’s been just a little busy around here. 
grand opening of our new on-line store is in just a few days! I was busy photographing more of the rugs this afternoon, Skyping with Delana, organizing a slide show for the site, reading comments from our focus group, and getting very excited!
See you there…