Do you “repackage” and “re-container” what you buy?
 I mean, do you take those luscious, small, sweet tomatoes that arrive in your house in the ubiquitous blue cardboard box and pour them into a bowl?

Yes? Well then, read on!
I was never really into this particular form of nesting, or kitchen “reformatting”. My kitchen just wasn’t big enough, there wasn’t much counter space, and thus you wouldn’t really notice a small gem of
fresh whatever in a pretty bowl!
But  now with my larger kitchen and more counter space, yes siree, count me in..

Sweet summer cherry tomatoes

And here are some in a bowl.
But wait…look what I found the other day at Anthropologie (where else?)
Ceramic, made to look like the cardboard. How cute is that?
 These chocolate covered pear bits found a new home….
Yes, these ARE as good as they look!

 in a small Italian bowl:

Love this blue bowl with the ruffled rim:
Fresh figs are in season: 
Of course, I always need a home for my ongoing addiction to tea. This I mail order from Connecticut from Simpson & Vail:  huge selection of teas, a family run business, great service and reasonable prices!
Great container for the tea from Henry Watson
The box of tea bags for the iced tea:

found a new home in this plastic ice cream container. These containers are never, ever thrown out in our house: they are perfect for picnics, to take to the pool with crackers, for paint, for ground coffee in the freezer etc. etc.

 By the way, do you know Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto? No???? Well, it has got to be the very best there is, stateside. I buy it at Harris Teeter. But go to the site: they are sold everywhere. Surely you will find a store/retailer near you. Tarjay?? yes indeed! It’s expensive stuff, and it’s loaded with cholesterol. Nevertheless, go buy it and try some…

These are my two personal favorites: who else has a favorite??

And last, but certainly not least, a ceramic container for seasoned salt.

To bring us full circle… this is salt I just bought last week in St. Remy. I had bought that blue container two years ago at Entre Sel et Terre and finally had the chance to go again!

Now I’m looking for something to put my eggs in. Yes, it could be a bowl of some kind, but no, I want something more unique. Ideas??? Please?