I have to admit that zinnias are about to overtake tulips as my #1 flower! 
I love tulips: always have and always will. But they were especially wonderful when I could grow them in my own garden. Each fall I would start from scratch… ordering at least 100 new bulbs. 
Well, they don’t grow so well down here. It’s just too hot, too early. I will certainly plant some this fall and let you know what happens. But in the meantime, what DOES grow here are zinnias. 
They are gorgeous. They are everywhere. They go on and on.
My friend Paulette has hundreds in her front garden courtyard and allowed me to come and cut as many as I wanted. Now, this is a friend! 
Here they are in her garden: 

Hibiscus too!

and malva…
And here, a selection from my garden. Not HALF as prolific or gorgeous, and certainly not enough to cut, but it will do!

Here they are in that famous yellow pitcher, on my counter: 

So tell me what your favorite flower is? Favorite to grow? Or just plain favorite?