Let me introduce Randi Chervitz of Uncommon Threads Jewelry.  I first read about Randi when her work was reviewed for the upcoming New York Gift Show. But before that show took place, she was off to the Atlanta Mart earlier in January. Which is where we met up. 
Randi’s work is gorgeous!
Transforming the very fabric of our lives… handmade jewelry in silver and gold.”

These are pieces from her on-line store:

Not only is the work beautiful, so are the photographs.
I asked Randi what her favorite part of the business is:

“My favorite part of the business is, of course, designing new work.  But another very important part, especially right now, is the great joy I take in employing two other women metalsmiths in my studio.  We create an amazingly positive synergy together that helps us all grow as makers, and as people.”

And of course the question: from where and how does she find her inspiration?

“Because I function in the “art” genre, I can allow myself to create new designs according to when the Muse visits.  In other words, I do challenge myself to design based on which of my collections has been getting the strongest customer response, but sometimes new ideas just pop into my head.  In my experience, for some customers, “too far out” just does not exist.  Right now, of course, price is a big consideration, as well.  I am finding customers want everything in one package- a powerful statement piece with great cratsmanship for a great price.  It’s a tall order, but I think I’ve hit the mark with several new items!  (Gemstone/Chain items, all under $29 wholesale; Branching Twig Pin (first photo, above), Oxidized Sterling with Freshwater Pearls, $78 wholesale.)”

Click here to read more about Randi.

Take a look at the video to see the process behind her products and then go to her site.

A “fabulous find”, right?