Remember the guest post I showed you: “Contrast Piping With Slipcovers”?
Susi from Arcadian Home Decor had said about piping:  “It is that something extra that makes a piece of furniture, pillow, curtain or even bath towel feel polished and perfect.”
So here are the Parsons chairs for our dining area:
We wanted chairs that would be comfortable to sit in for a length of time. Nothing too hard or with slats in the back or cane seats, or too lightweight. This room is part of our kitchen and we spend time here!
The chairs arrived with a very basic khaki upholstery. Help!
Off to Printer’s Alley in Raleigh.
I found IT right away: a subtle zebra stripe from Braemore. It was love at first sight!
But it needed a little zip; you know, that extra detailing..
sorry about that glitch on the right side: too late to retake!

Yep. The orange linen was the perfect detail. Kara from Spruce Antiques in Hillsborough did an absolutely fabulous job with the slipcovers. We added a 1″ band at the bottom. We brought the piping around the seat down about an inch so it doesn’t sit exactly on the edge of the seat, but a bit down. Kick pleats at the corners. 

The cream color in the fabric actually looks as though it has very light tea stains. I couldn’t get that to come through in any photos..but you can sort of see it below. It adds a “je ne sais quoi”… a “detail” that makes the fabric, for me, irresistible. 
Spruce Antiques doesn’t have a website, but you can “Like” them on Facebook; and Two Guys On The Road With Antiques did a post on them a while ago.
Here are some of the chairs I “studied” in making my decision as to just how/what to do:
We could have gone more formal, making the slipcovers floor length. But that seemed too cumbersome…and husband vetoed these immediately!  But I do love the ties on the back…

Adore this one from Marie Claire Idees magazine! 
Yes? Do you like?