What’s not to like? These are from the new Allegra Hicks collection:

Sophisticated; peaceful; contemporary.
West Elm has an entire lineup of independent designers with whom they collaborate. This rug, and now pillows, from Lourdes Sanchez, has been on my list of top ten ‘likes’ for months:
It’s square! How perfect for the right space, and very hard to find in the market.

How about this from David Stark
Or this great, fun chandelier from Stray Dog Designs

From rustic:
to smooth and clean:
to these new solid throw pillows in a washed linen/cotton. 18″ square and there is surely a color for everyone!
West Elm has come a long way…and I always look forward to their catalog. Perhaps my taste has changed recently and I’ve become more of a modernist. I really like the clean lines and simple forms in their furniture and furnishings; and the fact that my new house is clean and airy seals the deal!