There is nothing quite like a well worn piece of leather luggage… or so thinks Jeff! Jeff sent me this “Fabulous Find” out of the blue, and it is great. 
A leather suitcase, vintage @1950, that belonged to his father. It sat in an attic for a long time, after its many years of service. 
 I asked Jeff what it is about this piece that so intrigues and enthrals him:
“I like old leather. I like the fact that it’s been around the world; that it has a certain smell; the soft tan color, that it’s reminiscent of another, bygone era”
“I very much like the signs of wear and usage. They are sort of marks of honor! You don’t find any of this on “modern” synthetic luggage”
Where did the suitcase come from:
“It belonged to my father, who travelled a lot, and was used mostly in the 50’s and 60’s”
Do you ever use it?
“Yes, but only when I travel by car. I would never, ever subject it to airport use”.
Great stickers, remnants of a bygone era:

Beautiful brass fittings:

Top of the line: Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers

Leather hinges; gold stamping:

Even the interior shows years of use:

Many thanks to Jeff for submitting this wonderful find!