I’m not crazy about butcher block counter tops. I’m sorry: if you like them, fine. I’ve just never been a fan. So, of course, that is what we inherited in our new kitchen. 
We tried to make do. We sanded. We put on oil. We scrubbed. We asked “the experts”.
No, no way. 
Granite it had to be. But first, see what I’m talking about.

eeey…ooooo… sticky, awful mess here:

We’re talking almost twenty years with no care whatsoever.

 This stuff is expensive! So off we went to the “quarry” i.e. remnant warehouse.

We were allowed in the actual work area, but only if well supervised. These pieces are VERY heavy, and are moved around by a pulley system.
Everything is done by computer: 

Installation day: and the stove top is removed
they roll it in
Perfect fit!

I love the rounded corners.
I love that it’s about half the depth of the butcher block.
 I love that it looks sleek and contemporary. 
I love that it always looks so clean!
I love the color.
Yes, that about says it all…

You might notice our stove top…yep, it’s the old fashioned real electric burner type. It’s been here for fifteen years, had only light use, and is in perfect condition. But after replacing EVERY other appliance (we had to), we stopped short of replacing this one. I love it! I had a glass top in my old house and couldn’t stand it…. those pots would dance around and shimmy if the bottoms weren’t COMPLETELY dry; it took ages for a burner to get hot (and it was a top of the line stove..); and no, we didn’t find it that much easier to clean. All in all, I vote for burners. We’re hoping this one goes on for many years. Oh, and did I mention that the downdraft in the center REALLY does its job? 
Hope you enjoyed the story!