Are you ready for this great find?
Today we travel to Aix-en-Provence where Delana lives. Yes, she really does L I V E there! Delana, of du Jour, is a fellow blogger. I met her on line well over a year ago. We became friends, the way bloggers do: slowly, by commenting on each other’s blogs, emailing, finding we had a lot in common, and then Skyping (is that a verb?). Finally, we met up in Paris last September. To make a very long story short, we have become good friends! And this is the story of her latest “fabulous find”.

A few weeks ago she and two friends ventured forth from Aix to the village of Cuceron in the Luberon Valley, just east of Loumarin. 

Here, at a “vide grenier” (translate: huge, enormous attic/tag sale), she found this trunk.
with this label:
Can anyone help identify the label? 

For 45 euros! Yes folks, that’s about $63.00. This was a F I N D!
Only problem was getting it back to Delana’s apartment (remember, French cars are very small) and then… up the four flights of stairs.

Here are some of the stairs leading up to her apartment:

Once in the apartment, it had to go up another flight to the bedroom:
are you getting tired yet?
Here is the window in the bedroom:
This “hoist support” was built into the beams, anchored with iron, to move furniture up stairs when it wouldn’t fit in the stairway! Built almost 400 years ago and going strong.
View from the window: 
Note the solid beams above:
Delana reports that once they had the trunk in place, under the window, and all cleaned up: “all was right with the world”. Nicely said.
And her lovely street in Aix:
Yes Delana: I will see your fabulous find, in person, very soon!