Time for another Whole Foods story…this time it’s not food or flowers, but a bag.
I love this bag! Seriously. I knew I would buy it as soon as I saw it. Now, I’m not really an over-the-head-goes-the-strap kind of girl. And I don’t think you would say I’m a country style dresser. But something about this caught my eye. The color is great. It’s compact and neat: great for walking in Paris, right? Zippers inside, deep narrow pockets on the outside. Yes, I had to put aside some of my “regulars” who had resided in my bag(s) for years i.e. 2nd lip gloss, eye drops, lens cleaner, huge hair brush. But, of course, I live in the country (well, sort of…) and drive everywhere. So, if need be, I can throw those things in another bag and put it in the car. 
But the best part is it’s made from recycled rice bags in Southeast Asia, and is made by 
Global Girlfriend. Every item they produce is made by women, all are fair trade, so of course every time you purchase you are helping women all over the world. Please…go to their site and look around. Order from them. Or go to Whole Foods and pick up one of these bags.