It sounds so simple: make some iced tea. But it wasn’t until I moved South and was able to buy Luzianne tea bags, that I discovered REAL iced tea. In the South you are always..A L W A Y S…offered either “sweet tea” or “unsweetened tea”. Me, I’m a sweet tea girl, for sure. Growing up in Philadelphia we had wonderfully, very sweet tea at home; plus lots of lemon and mint. It was a brew!
One of my pet peeves at restaurants is being served a tall glass of iced tea with one teeny tiny wedge of lemon on the side and then having to put in those awful teeny tiny midget sized packets of sugar. And, of course, they never E V E R dissolve. So if you don’t have a straw….well…you’re stuck with unsweetened tea, right? 
Here’s the tea!

One tea bag per quart of boiling water. Let it sit for at least 30 min.
Add half a lemon and some mint.

To sweeten: combine 1/2c. sugar and 1/2c. water in a small pot. Bring to a boil and set aside. You can vary the proportions here, but 50/50 makes for a nice, concentrated syrup. This is the KEY to “sweet tea”!

Sturdy white pitcher with my sugar syrup ready to go!
Try it…I guarantee you’ll like it.