As many of you know, my blog had been on Typepad for several years. Happily, at first. Then, increasingly unhappily. Remember the header image?
This is one of the many reasons I switched (back) to Blogger:
on my sidebar was my “blog roll”. Now, take a look over to your right and scroll down a bit.  You can see some of the blogs I like and read and recommend. This list is constantly being updated and changed.  But you can also see when they last posted/updated. Even blogs using Typepad or WordPress show the last update. It’s very helpful! I can quickly look over the list and click through to any new post from all my blogger friends. In Typepad, below, there was no way to see that.

It’s all in the details, right? 
I’m also happy with Blogger because it’s SO much easier for me, a non-HTML person, to go in and change my sidebar items. 
Sorry all you non-bloggers who are reading this…I’ve gone a little techie here! Just had to let you all know.
Tell me, do YOU have any pet peeves with your blogging platform? Or something you particularly like?
Happy zinnias in my new pitcher, for Friday Flowers!