I recently came across this wonderful, contemporary, fun line of fabrics and textile products: 

Allem Studio is “a collaboration between two friends”: Mitali Seth and Lovisa Shergill. I contacted them at their offices in Marietta, Georgia. Having been friends since design school days, they both worked in various capacities in apparel and fashion for companies that sourced from India, thus learning that market and its capabilities for export. In 2010 they launched Allem Studio with a home line of pillows and table linen where our sole idea was to amalgamate design,color and technique in such a way that not only the products are unique but are affordable and prove a great addition to any setting.”
I asked them about their inspiration for the line:
 “Usually our inspirations come from various traditional arts and crafts from around the world. For e.g. our new fall collection derives its inspiration from the art and architecture of various cities that fall in the ancient Silk route. We reinterpret the original source designs and to bring a more modern and contemporary look. We do try to iincorporate the latest trends and colors of the market but always being true to the design aesthetics of Allem Studio. Our look is fresh ,clean and colorful and we strive to keep that the focus for all our designs.”

I asked them what they like best…and least..about the entire design and manufacturing process:

“The whole process of inspiration, design, and product development to the production, shipping, marketing , and selling is an exciting experience. No one production or shipping cycle is the same. We are constantly being challenged!
The least exciting part of the business is the mundane book-keeping which bores both of us. We think that is the only monotonous part of the whole venture.”

And the most unique, and wonderful, aspect of this company is its support of local, indigenous labor. 

“Last year we had an opportunity to visit SEWA, a women’s co-operative in Gujarat India. It has provided a huge support system for various women in villages who were earlier migrating to cities for doing labor work. Now due to this organisation, women are keeping and further honing their skill sets while contributing to their family income. We have collaborated with them for the next season’s collection which shall be using their traditional embroidery and printing elements but with our designs and color schemes. We’re really excited about it and we hope that people would also love these products. The best part is that there are no middle men so the rates are fixed by these women and they get what is fairly due to them.”

Where to buy them? Here is a store locator. As you can see, they are popular in seaside, resort locations….not surprising, given their fun, almost tropical feel. And, you can order on line directly from the website.
They exhibit at the New York Gift Fair, and will be there this August…unfortunately they are not (yet…) at the Atlanta Mart.

Thank you, Mitali and Lovisa for participating in the interview!