This place is really a FABULOUS FIND”

A friend had sent us off to find what she called “this funky, out of the way place that specializes in all kinds of metal garden objects”. And so, we met Gaines Steer, proprietor of “The Last Unicorn” in Chapel Hill.
Here is a very, very small portion of what Gaines carries. He has over five acres of architectural salvage products! We were looking for a gate, or set of gates, for our front entryway: partly for aesthetics and partly for practical reasons…..namely, to keep out the deer.

This is what we will see when the gate is delivered!

Take a look at the video, all about Gaines’s “architectural antiques”. It was a wonderful afternoon! The only issue I had was the heat: oh wow, it was just stifling. Not a breath. But we walked and walked and looked and took pictures and were totally enthralled. 
I love his term “exterior designer”. It’s exactly what he is…and what some of us try to be. And yes, I do believe Gaines has the largest collection of wrought iron gates in the entire Southeast. He is an expert at refining, refinishing and fitting all the gates. He’s already been to our house to fit the gate(s) and is now working on the closure and fittings. Can’t wait to show you…hopefully next week. Right, Gaines? 

           aargh, I can’t get the code right to center this!

Again, here is the site: The Last Unicorn. I’ll post the before and after once the gate is installed. It’s going to be just spectacular!