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I was interviewed by Kelly Porter of Porterhouse Designs and ColorSizzle blog. Kelly is an interior designer/color consultant in the D.C. area and had helped me with my new kitchen. 
Read the story from “Living Style: The New Traditional“, by Kelly Porter.
She wrote me in early May to say she was working on a story for STIR, the Sherwin Williams on-line magazine. She wrote: “I’m writing about how homeowners are converting formal spaces 
 into more casual ones. Didn’t you turn your dining room into a home 
office? ” 
She then emailed me some very specific questions, such as “What was our thought process behind this conversion”…oh, yes, we did indeed turn our dining room, in our newly purchased house, into a study for my husband. In case you missed it, you can read the details here and here.
(after renovation: the new study and French doors)
Other questions, which she addresses in the article, included how and where we now entertain, what specific architectural changes did we have to make, and what do I feel about the use of formal dining areas in today’s contemporary home. Great questions!
Thanks for this opportunity  Kelly; and I hope others can use some of our thoughts and ideas…