Yes, Pantone has just added 175 brand new colors!


It’s been eight years since any new colors have been added. The total number of colors is now 2,100. Laurie Pressman, Pantone VP, says these colors,

“reflect today’s global color influences across fashion, home furnishings and interior design [and] enrich the current palette and focus on areas of significant market importance and color trend movement.”

“What is key here is it is not just picking colors that are trend-right,” Pressman explained. “The key is that these colors are technically achievable and reproducible in the real world for all of the markets we serve – from fashion and home furnishings to interior and industrial design. Someone really needs to be able to take our colors and make them a reality.”

You can read more about the new colors here.

For a real treat, I urge you to sit back and watch this video (I wasn’t able to embed, so go to this link page and click on the video..) all about creating colors that are useable, the technical aspects of creating these colors and the importance of color for designers, such as Jonathan Adler, and the global aspect of color. I guarantee you will learn something!

I, for one, am looking forward to buying my new fan deck and having these new colors work for me…