Is this romantic or what…?
Take a look at Mimi’s beautiful ring. I’m sure some of you know Mimi of Belle Inspiration magazine and Bonjour Romance blog. I met Mimi last September in Paris, where she lives. But no, she didn’t always live there. Hers is a love story! 
First, take a look at this ring her “French Honey” aka husband/mari gave her.

 I asked Mimi what she most likes about this ring:

I’ve always been a huge fan of garnets and seed pearls.  I love the deep red color of the garnet.  They are versatile and seem to go with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses.  I like the fact that you don’t see a lot of garnet jewelry around;  I like to wear unique things, anything vintage and old-fashioned – a lot like me, (hopefully not the vintage part!).   Seed pearls are another favorite that you rarely see.  It was the perfect paring.  And it fit like a glove! 

 What was the occasion? Was there a special reason for the gift?

We met just over 6 years ago, on the Avenue Champs Elysées – sounds a bit odd, but we literally banged right into each other.  It was just meant to be, destiny was definitely in the mix at that moment.  16 months later I made the move from the States and here we are!  So if you’re still waiting on your Prince Charming, never give up! 

Was this the kind of thing he was likely to do? Or was it a bit “out of character”?

My French Honey and I were celebrating the day we met in Paris (6 years ago).  We love to take long walks in the city, and were having a special day.  Naturally I spied a sweet little antique shop and had to take a peek.  He actually saw it (the ring) first, and asked about it.  I was practically standing on my head attempting to get a good look at a painting leaning up against a chair.  He was all smiles as he whipped out the black velvet box and flashed my new ring!   

Is this the kind of jewelry you wear often?

I prefer vintage pieces.  The love of all things vintage and antiques comes from all the antiquing excursions with my Mother.  I generally go for smaller more delicate pieces, but I do love to wear a larger cocktail ring every so often.  

Oh Mimi: I think I can speak for almost everyone who is reading this…You are a lucky lady! It’s gorgeous. Enjoy!