You know I love flowers.

Real, live flowers: all kinds and colors.

But how about fake…sorry, “faux”, flowers. How do you feel? Do you glance at the massive selection at JoAnn or Michaels and shudder? Do you see them in the doctor’s office and think, “How CAN they do that?”. 

A few years ago I came upon some faux flowers while we were on vacation in Appalachicola, Florida. BTW: it is a wonderful town!  Here they are:






They’re getting just a tad down and out these days and I’ve been looking for a replacement. Very hard to find. And, of course, just where you least expect it, you find something…right? We were walking down the main drag out in Carmel, California and yes, I spotted them! The store is Whitakers. Note: the site is very, very limited at this time…check back in the near future to see more of these flowers. But believe me, these are THE BEST! 

I ordered two bunches and this is what arrived:


Here’s the first, larger bunch. Note, all the stems are attached at the bottom to a huge, bulky plastic-wrapped wire stem. 


We cut each stem off the main one: regular wire cutters did the job nicely.


The leaves on each stem move up and down, which really helps in arranging them!










Now I’m wondering what to do about/with the glass vase. Paint on a faux water line? Buy some clear or tinted glass stones to put in the bottom? Green tissue paper? 

What do you think?



And now, for the second bunch. These are definitely a red/yellow look, so I put them in the now-famous Eddie Ross pitcher:








So now, are you convinced? Faux can look just as great as real!